We develop products, services, and experiences that genuinely benefit our customers, their communities, and the world; and we thoughtfully minimize downside consequences. We avoid manipulative design or sales practices that profit the company but erode broader societal trust.

We craft a brand through imagination and truth, advancing narratives of virtue and hope across our venture’s sphere of influence. We resist the urge to play to our customers’ desires, insecurity, or ego through marketing based on fear or status.



We advance a team culture that helps people experience their work as neither ultimate nor transactional, but as purposeful and relational. We develop each person for and beyond their contribution to our mission, instead of treating them merely as resources to advance the organization’s interests.

Our business model optimizes for measurable value that is shared with customers and partners, not captured solely for the business and its owners. It takes into account social and environmental benefits and costs as well as the responsible management of financial capital and profit that is essential to a lasting business.

We grow through partnerships of mutuality and integrity, avoiding a zero-sum view that only considers our own organizational priorities. We treat our investors, suppliers, distributors, and all partners as we would like to be treated, considering the needs, pressures, and health of their businesses and communities.



We surrender our personal ambition to God and seek first the good of others, not ourselves. Instead of privately yielding our desires to an accumulation of wealth, power, and prestige, we cultivate gratitude, joy, and humility in the way we lead and serve.